LEC Airfield has a Tarmac runway, Trial Lessons can be booked all year round. Weather permitting. We recommend phoning the airfield the day your due to fly to confirm arrangements, before you set out.

After a ground briefing you will be self-launched, aerotowed or winch launched. Your instructor will demonstrate the controls and guide you through flying some simple manoeuvres. The flight usually lasts approximately 20 to 25 minutes. All this for only £140!

If you would like a Trial Lesson Voucher simply click on the button above.

Once you have bought the voucher, please follow the instructions below to book the Flight:

First correctly identify the e-voucher, (it’s the e-mail sent to the person who originally purchased the voucher online – they will have received a reply with e-voucher attached. It has our logo of a glider flying towards the Sun, the receipt is not the voucher (check spam) )
Click on e-voucher’s hyperlink “Book Your Flight Here ”. We’re open Wednesday & Weekends and the flying slots are at the top of the hour every hour 11am to 3pm. 
Availability is usually running about couple of weeks in advanced, but often weather permitting there’s slots free at short notice for the next flying day. Generally the slots get booked up in advance especially during peak season. We recommend booking in advance as you can always cancel, but please give us 48 hours notice. 
Please remember to bring either a printout of your voucher or a screenshot, the voucher has a unique number, sorry no voucher number, no flight. 


E-mail: enquiries@brgc.co.uk