Bognor Regis Gliding Club offers 20% discount for our Student Member, the VAT is inclusive.

Join our Club and we can teach you:

  • To fly a glider solo. The minimum age to go on your own is 14 – years before you can learn to drive!
  • How to soar and climb using invisible lift, staying airborne for hours at a time with no engine, just like a bird.
  • To navigate cross-country, perform aerobatics, or simply float around enjoying the view.

There is a thriving Student Community & Young Adult scene throughout the UK.

We can:

  • Take you on expeditions to meet new like-minded friends from all over the country, experience other environments and types of soaring.
  • Assist you with Bursary applications – there are loads of funding opportunities out there.
  • Provide you with a unique and incredible new hobby that is both very exciting and extremely rewarding.

BRGC follows the BGA Child Protection Policy and Procedures


Our student membership category is for anyone 21 years or younger or in full time education Offer full access to the club and its facilities, and students are entitled to a 20% discount on charges, with VAT inclusive.

Please contact us for further details or to request an application form.

We look forward to hearing from you!