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Can I buy a Voucher for someone else?
Yes, our Trial Lesson Vouchers are very popular, and offer good value at only £140. Vouchers can be purchased upto six months in advance, allowing the recipient to decide when to fly at their convenience. For more information please see our Trial Lesson page.

How do I book my flight?
First, correctly identify the e-voucher, (it’s the e-mail sent to the person who originally purchased the voucher online – they will have received a reply with e-voucher attached. It has our logo of a glider flying towards the Sun, the receipt is not the voucher (check spam) )

Click on e-voucher’s hyperlink “Book Your Flight Here ”. We’re open Wednesday & Weekends and the flying slots are at the top of the hour every hour 11am to 3pm.
Availability is usually running about couple of weeks in advanced, but often weather permitting there’s slots free at short notice for the next flying day. Generally the slots get booked up in advance especially during peak season. We recommend booking in advance as you can always cancel, but please give us 48 hours notice.
Please remember to bring either a printout of your voucher or a screenshot, the voucher has a unique number, sorry no voucher number, no flight. 

Group Bookings
If you buy 4 vouchers, the 5th voucher is free

We accept cards, BACS, cheque & PingIt, sorry we do not accept cash.

How do I get to you?

From the North: Travel South on the A29 towards Bognor Regis. At Oldlands Way roundabout take
2nd exit and remain on A29 (MacDonalds will be on your left). Turn left at the traffic lights (Sainsburys
From the East and West: Travel along the A259 towards Bognor Regis. At the large ‘square’ shaped
roundabout, take the A29 North (Bognor Regis Memorial Hospital will be on your left). At the next
roundabout go straight across onto the dual carriage and stay in the right-hand lane. Go straight
through the traffic lights (Tesco on left). Turn right at the Sainsburys traffic lights.

Where can I park?

Northern end of Sainsburys car park, or in the Charley Purley car park. You will then need to walk along the road that is around the back of Wickes, until you reach the railway crossing. Follow signs. The footpath is to the left of the gates.

For more detailed information click here

Who Can Fly?

Although there is no age limit as such on taking Trial Lessons, young people must be old enough to accept instruction and tall enough to see out of the glider. An indemnity form must be completed before any flight, signed by a parent or legal guardian of any person under 18 years of age. Please avoid alcohol before your flight.
For older people, getting in and out of a glider is like getting in and out of a bath unaided. Remember, you’ll also be wearing a parachute (like a rucksack weighing 8-10lb) so if you think you can do this, no problem.

Am I too tall or heavy?
Any pilot will tell you it is important to reach the rudder pedals. Generally speaking if you are taller than 1.42m you should be able to reach. However, if you are taller than 1.88m you may not fit inside the canopy. Also worth considering is your weight. Ballast can usually be added for people who weigh less than 50kg, but you may not be able to fly if you weigh more than 110 kg.

Can I fly if I have a disability or handicap?
If in doubt about health or you have a physical handicap, consult your doctor or contact us for further guidance.

Is it comfortable in the glider?
Yes. You’ll be sitting in a semi-reclined position (like in a bath!). You will also be wearing a comfortable parachute which also acts like a back cushion. The glider is surprisingly draught-free so we normally have air-vents you can open if you feel too warm. Remember, you’ll also have a perspex canopy all around you which can make it rather warm (even in winter) so thick coats and hats may not be necessary in the glider.

What should I wear?
Depends what time of year it is. Airfields can be cold and windy even in summer, so the layered approach is best. In winter when its cold, wear warm, wind-proof clothing and boots. In summer, we suggest also the layered approach – even on a hot day. Wear small sunhats, sun-cream, and sunglasses.Trainers are fine. We always recommend bringing one more layer than you think you need – and bring a waterproof. Ladies – we suggest you don’t wear a skirt in order to preserve your modesty when getting in and out of gliders in summer, keep yourself hydrated and reasonably cool. A thirsty, hot pilot will not be able to concentrate, and a cold pilot can easily lose judgement skills.